Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Identify Yourself

This piece is interesting because the author tells us all what we are too afraid to say ourselves that we are becoming hard to identify without digital networks, or the internet in general. Everything is easily available at our fingertips and we often find ourselves questioning how those before us survived without it. I really enjoyed reading this article because it was witty and funny. Even though it was poking fun at how dependent we are on the internet it’s extremely relatable for almost everyone in my generation.

The most interesting part of this reading to me was the section labeled “The Body” and as I was reading it was literally in the position it was describing sitting in a chair with my hands curved over the keyboard and my feet on the ground as I learned to do in elementary school. It also mentioned the gaze we do as we stare aimlessly at the screen taking in information. It’s interesting how being on a computer has become second nature and we don’t even realize it anymore.

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