Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Artist Post- Yukio Miyamoto

Yokio Myiamoto is a vector artist who has been using Adobe Illustrator since its creation in the 80s. He focuses on using a combination of gradients and the gradient mesh tool in order to achieve the high dept of detail that is so common in his work. He is known for his photo realism and even more for the execution of reflective surfaces in the images he creates. To begin his process he typically starts with a photograph that he uses as a template to trace over using the pen tool. He creates basic shapes and makes prominent shapes to delineate the reflection on the objects. He has become so good with knowing how to use the software that he has even produced a book called "The Adobe Illustrator Super Guide" that is only currently available in Japanese at the time.


When I googled "Artist's that use Illustrator" I went through so many pages of artists that used bright colors and drew characters with cartoon features that when I came across Yukio Miyamoto I was instantly interested. His images were like any others that I had seen. His attention to detail is something that I personally admire because when I am working on paintings and drawings I always focus on getting the shading and reflections perfectly. I think that if I were to continue making artwork using Illustrator I would use a similar approach to Miyamoto to achieve the high level of realism. 

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