Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Artist Post 2

Young Deok Seo

Seo was born in 1983 and gratuated from the University of Seoul located in South Korea in 2010. His medium of choice to create his sculptures are old bike chains. His sculptures take on the shape of human form and by using only bike chain components he compares the standardization of modern life to the monotonous repetitive movement of the chain and its original function. Re-purposing the chain components replaces its functionality as a machine and gives it new "life." 
Seo says " I use immobile and cold textured form of a body to express our true nature that turned form the human nature to a property." 

Seo wraps miles of bicycle chains into the shape of the human body and puts emphasis on body language and on complex emotions. From a distance the chains appear as skin while beneath the surface they are hallow. This comments on the idea that what is on the outside does not always mean it is the same on the inside. 

Although I could not find too much information about this artist I am extremely impressed and love his work. My artwork is also influenced by the human body and I typically like to morph objects when drawing or sculpting so I loved finding an artist who was so influenced by the body and like to use a material that's original purpose was for art. I think finding this particular artist will help me expand my mind for future sculptures I may create.