Monday, March 9, 2015

Vector Artist- Alexey Oglushevich

Alexey Oglushevich was born and raised in Magnitogorsk, Russia. He was never classically taught, rather was self-taught. His artistic journey began with drawing on canvas and paper using watercolors and oils, until the computer era was in full swing. His new stage of artwork began after he bought a computer and began learning how to use vector softwares including Adobe Illustrator, Xara, and CorelDraw, CorelDraw being his favorite. In 2009 Oglushevich won a Grand Prize of CorelDraw International Design Contest. 

Typically his artwork takes anywhere from 60 hours to 90 hours of work. The first step when creating his artwork is to choose a topic of interest, next he does a few sketches using a tablet or he takes a few photographs that will help his ideas come to life digitally. He then has to do the vector work which helps create the main forms of the composition which takes up the most time with long hours of editing included. 

Oglushevich enjoys sticking to the vector aspect of creating his artworks. In order to create the realistic images he uses the blending options which consist of multiple objects of different transparencies. He likes producing still life artworks because he likes to play with the lighting and the folds of fabrics. He also enjoys produce images of women. 

I couldn't find very much information about this artist but I really liked the digital artwork that he produced. My favorite part about it is that they don't look extremely realistic but it seems as if they are a drawn image. The lines are extremely smooth and blend into each other and this is an aspect that I would like to bring into my 2nd project that we are making. 

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