Monday, January 26, 2015

Technology Log- Monday 01/26/2015

9 AM - Alarm Clock on phone
9-9:10 - checked email, instagram and facebook
9:10-10:30- did laundry and watched tv
10:30-10:40 - listened to pandora on my walk to class
12-12:30 - listened to pandora while folding/ putting away clothes
12:30-1- watched netflix while doing homework
1:30-2:15- reading for class (online)
2:20-2:40- listened to pandora/ checked facebook, insta, and email
2:40-4:30 - took class notes on laptop
5-6 - did homework on laptop
6:30-7:40 - tennis team listened to music during practice
8-8:30 - worked on animation project in computer lab
8:50-9 - listened to music while showering
9:40-present - typed this blog post
rest of the night I will watch netflix or tv until I go to bed at 11:30 PM

I text often so it is difficult to keep track of that Total: about 10 hours

For this challenge we were told to take note of how often we use technology on a typical day. I was very busy this weekend and I know that the amount of technology I would have been far less than what it is for me on a typical school day which is why I waited until Monday to track my use because I was curious how much technology effects my personal life. 

I have come to the conclusion that I use technology a lot and I do not know where I would be without it. I also understand why my mom gets so upset with me when I am on my phone all the time. I realized that I turn on Pandora whenever I am alone because I do not like the quite very much and I often multitask like listening to music while doing homework or watching TV while folding clothes. I also noticed that the workload that I am doing for school right now is more computer dependent than the semesters I have had in the past. I am required to do most, if not all, of my readings that are posted on blackboard, typing notes for class are quicker and more efficient at times, and the homework I have to turn in is also online. 

What I hope to take from this experience is that I want to start limiting the amount of time that I am indulging in technology. I can start to print my readings, and maybe just taking a break from my phone for like and hour or two a day when I am doing my homework (it's distracting anyway). And I also hope that one day in the future I can go a full day without using technology. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Artist #1 - Nancy Burson
After the reading we were assigned I was interested most in the work created by Nancy Burson because I have always loved the straight forward nature of photographs, typically what you see is what you get, but Burson is an artist who challenged the previous ideas of photographs expressing the truth. she produced her images with the use of digital manipulation. She also introduced the technology that age enhances the human face which helps law enforcement officials locate missing children and adults. Her early work includes composite silver prints of morphed images created on the computer
Businessman (10 businessmen from Goldman Sachs) 1982

Cat and Dog 1983

Human Race Machine
one of Nancy Burson's most famous works is a public artwork that was digitally created called the "Human Race Machine" (advertisement poster seen below). The quote "There's No Gene For Race" is the main text and it was originally created with the intent to discuss the issues of race and ethnicity. She wanted to acknowledge that race is not genetic, but socially influenced. The machine allows people to view themselves as a different race. This project was found around college campuses and in large museums around the globe. 

Her work has been found in museums all around the world including the MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum and the Whitney Museum in New York City as well as some in London, Paris, Washington DC,  etc. Nancy has also had guest spots on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America and other popular tv shows.

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